If you are able to, please come and see me at Stand 131 at Earth & Fire International Ceramics Fair 22nd to 24th June 2018  & Wardlow Mires Pottery & Food Festival on the 8th & 9th September 2018

'What is the work of a potter? 
It's putting something around nothing and making nothing useful '
                         Ken Allen - Painter 1937 - 2015

My name is Ben Dodd and I am a potter living and working in Nottingham in the UK. I produce stoneware pots from my studio, mostly thrown on the wheel or sometimes hand built in plaster moulds, drawing much inspiration from the anglo/Japanese studio ceramics tradition. I use ash glazes which are made using raw materials discovered around the country mixed with wood ash from my stove.

I come from a potting family and I feel its important to be part of the effort to keep traditional studio pottery alive and well in the UK. I make the glazes  myself using techniques and recipes learned from my father Mike Dodd and my mother Celia Allen, both of which are very well known established potters, its extremely helpful having this wealth of knowledge and experience on hand as there is so much to learn about in the world of ceramics. 

I like texture, and, a sense of freedom, being loose in the making of my pots giving them life and communicating to the user the fact that they were made from a soft maluable material. 

I like to use as many raw materials as I can from either my local area or other sites around the country. 

My current body of work consists mainly of Yunomis, Chawans, Storage Jars, Teapots, Large Platters, Planters/Bonzai pots and this year Bird Feeders. 
I learn all the time by looking, feeling and listening, but mostly from doing.The practice of our craft is what potting is all about and hopefully I will be able to continue to produce pots that please me and the people who buy them.

If you would like any more information about me or my work or are interested in purchasing any pieces please email me through the contact page , please note that the pictures of pots on this site are to give you an idea of what I produce but they may have already been sold. Because of the nature of my work it is sometimes hard to replicate the finish on pots but if ordered I usually produce more than one to choose from. Please also click on the instagram link below and follow me to find out what I have been getting up to.