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Ben Dodd Potter
Ben Dodd Potter
Tea Bowl

From a firing in Mike Dodd's kiln in Somerset. This has a nuka glaze which is dipped in river iron collected from a natural spring in the lake district.
Ben Dodd Potter

I particularly like making yunomi's and chawan's. This yunomi is deeply textured by brushing the slip quickly just after it's applied.
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    Currently no Exhibitions
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    Earth & Fire International Ceramics Fair 2016 - 2017 - 2018 Potfest In-The-Pens 2016 Wardlow Mires Pottery & Food Festival 2017 - 2018
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    Currently no Galleries
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    Some Potters I Like
    Michel Cohen, Mark Smith, Tim Hurn, Ben Fosker, Stephen Parry, James Hake, Sven Buyer, Ruth-Anne Tudball, Lisa Hammond, Mike Dodd, Ken Matsuzaki, Celia Allen, Jim Malone, Darren Ellis, Steffan Bang
  1. Texture
    The slip is applied quickly with a hakemi brush, giving a sense of movement and deep texture.
  2. Function
    A side handled teapot. Very comfortable to use. Decorated using a tenmoku glaze with a nuka glaze around the top.
  3. Form
    Hit with a wooden carved paddle whilst the pot is wet and on the wheel, giving something for the glaze to hang on.

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